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Grass Fed and Finished Beef - Our Story

In 2012 I retired from coaching and teaching and my wife and I entered into a new business—ranching. I had been raised on a small farm in south Texas and we had always run a few cattle through the years. It was in my blood.

In 2008 I had a quintuple bypass. My cardiologist said I would have to stop eating red meat. We began studying the problems with red meat and learned that unlike corn-fed beef, grass-fed and finished beef was recommended by cardiologists. It seems that cattle, which are herbivores, produce a very healthy beef product when raised and finished on grass.

At that time, we began to study and implement holistic methods of growing grass and producing healthy 100% grass finished beef for ourselves, our children and our grand kids. This has evolved into a business where we work hard to serve people a tasty healthy beef product.

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